Case Study: Successes and Strategies in Digital

Welcome to the Case Study section of GILBI, where we tell the success stories we have built together with our customers. Each case study is a testament to our commitment to transforming digital challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. From game-changing digital marketing strategies to intuitive e-commerce site development and effective social media management, our case studies offer a deep dive into the projects we've brought to success.

Through these narratives, you will see how our experience and creativity translate into tangible results. Each case represents a unique challenge, a journey where collaboration and personalized strategy have led to excellent results. Find out how we have helped brands from different sectors achieve their business goals, improving their online presence and optimizing their digital performance.

GILBI Case Studies are more than just stories; they are examples of how vision and innovation can transform the digital landscape of companies. Let yourself be inspired by these success stories and find out how we can help your company reach new digital horizons too.

Case Success Story: come GILBI. ha trasformato la presenza digitale di EB Plast con un sito web multilingue e una strategia di marketing a 360°
Case Study

Case Success Story: come GILBI. ha trasformato la presenza digitale di EB Plast con un sito web multilingue e una strategia di marketing a 360°

Case Success Story: come GILBI. ha trasformato la presenza digitale di EB Plast con un sito web multilingue e una strategia di marketing a 360°.

Case StudyCase Study: Brosway Conquistare il Mercato USA con Strategia Digitale e SEO Innovativa

Case Study: Brosway Conquering the US Market with Digital Strategy and Innovative SEO

Client: Brosway, a prestigious internationally known jewelry and fashion accessories brand. Challenge: Expanding Brosway's presence in the US market, a highly competitive and diverse territory...

Case StudyCase Study: Naeli Naturals - Un Salto Evolutivo nel E-commerce Eco-Chic

Case Study: Naeli Naturals - An Evolutionary Leap in Eco-Chic E-commerce

Client: Naeli Naturals, an innovative natural cosmetics brand, known for its dedication to eco-sustainability and quality. Challenge: Naeli Naturals approached GILBI. for a restyling of their ...

Case StudyCase Study: O' Munaciello Strategie Digitali per una Crescita Internazionale nel Food & Beverage

Case Study: O' Munaciello Digital Strategies for International Growth in Food & Beverage

Client: O' Munaciello, a renowned Italian restaurant chain with locations in Italy and the United States, known for its authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. Challenge: O' Munaci...

Case StudyCase Study: Helix Cosmetix Innovazione e Strategia Digitale nel Settore della Bellezza

Case Study: Helix Cosmetix Innovation and Digital Strategy in the Beauty Sector

Client: Helix Cosmetix, an emerging brand in the cosmetics industry, known for its innovative and high-quality products. Challenge: Helix Cosmetix needed an e-commerce that reflected the quali...

Case StudyCase Study: Gemma di Luna Innovazione E-commerce nel Settore Vinicolo

Case Study: Gemma di Luna E-commerce Innovation in the Wine Sector

Client: Gemma di Luna, a renowned wine brand present in major supermarkets in the United States and Canada. Challenge: Gemma di Luna's main objective was to expand its online presence, increas...

Case StudyCase Study: Residenza Capriccioli Un Salto Digitale Verso L'eccellenza nel Settore Alberghiero

Case Study: Residenza Capriccioli A Digital Leap Towards Excellence in the Hotel Sector

Client: Residenza Capriccioli, prestigious tourist destination in Sardinia. Objective: Renew the online presence of Residenza Capriccioli, integrating the booking system into the website, impr...

Case StudyCase Story: perché Zenoni e Colombi ha scelto GILBI. e come GILBI. ha aiutato l’azienda.

Case Story: why Zenoni e Colombi chose GILBI. and like GILBI. it helped the company.

Companies often find themselves having to change agency for the most diverse reasons - dissatisfaction with the work done, costs that are too high, little availability and long waiting times, di...

Our Customers: A Showcase of Excellence

In this section we present a selection of our customers, represented by their distinctive logos. Each logo is a symbol of the success stories and solid partnerships we have built over time. This collection is not only a testimony of our work, but also an expression of the trust and satisfaction that our customers have in our services. Discover some of the companies and brands we have had the pleasure of collaborating with and imagine what we can achieve together.

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