Case Study

Case Study: Gemma di Luna E-commerce Innovation in the Wine Sector

Case Study: Gemma di Luna Innovazione E-commerce nel Settore Vinicolo

Client: Gemma di Luna, a renowned wine brand present in major supermarkets in the United States and Canada.

Challenge: Gemma di Luna's main objective was to expand its online presence, increasing direct sales and customer loyalty through elegant e-commerce and a solid digital presence.

Implemented Solutions:

  1. E-commerce development with Shopify:

    • Creation of a user-friendly and visually appealing online store on Shopify, enhancing the luxury image of the brand.
    • Optimized for navigation and usability, ensuring a flawless shopping experience.
  2. Advanced SEO Strategy:

    • Implementation of a complete SEO strategy, essential to increase the organic visibility of the site and effectively reach customers.
    • SEO has played a crucial role in exceeding sales expectations by attracting customers through organic searches.
  3. Management of ADV campaigns on Google and Meta (Instagram and Facebook):

    • Targeted advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to the e-commerce site.
    • Creative and engaging advertising content to promote the wine range.
  4. Digital Marketing 360°:

    • Active management of social media, producing content that reflects the culture and quality of Gemma di Luna wines.
    • Continuous performance analysis to optimize strategies.

Results: The Shopify e-commerce site recorded a significant increase in direct sales, enriched by strategic SEO work that attracted a large number of customers organically. ADV campaigns further increased visibility and sales, while social media management strengthened customer engagement and loyalty.

Conclusion: GILBI provided Gemma di Luna with a 360° digital marketing solution that successfully combined cutting-edge e-commerce development, an effective SEO strategy and targeted advertising campaigns. This integrated approach has not only improved Gemma di Luna's online presence, but also had a significant impact on sales, exceeding expectations and consolidating the brand's position in the reference markets.

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