Case Study

Case Study: O' Munaciello Digital Strategies for International Growth in Food & Beverage

Case Study: O' Munaciello Strategie Digitali per una Crescita Internazionale nel Food & Beverage

Client: O' Munaciello, a renowned Italian restaurant chain with locations in Italy and the United States, known for its authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

Challenge: O' Munaciello aimed to strengthen its online presence in Italy and the United States, improving visibility and engagement through an integrated digital strategy.

Implemented Solutions:

  1. Website Development -

    • Creation of an elegant and intuitive website, representative of O' Munaciello's identity.
    • SEO optimization to increase organic visibility in search engines.
  2. Restyling Logo and Brand Kit:

    • Renewal of the brand image with a restyling of the logo and development of a coherent brand kit, to strengthen the visual identity of O' Munaciello.
  3. Social Media and Google My Business Management:

    • Active management of social profiles and optimization of Google My Business for all locations, improving visibility and updated information.
  4. ADV campaigns on Google and Meta (Instagram and Facebook):

    • Targeted advertising campaigns to promote special events, offers and unique restaurant features.

Results: The strategies implemented led to a significant increase in organic visits to the site, greater traffic and online bookings. The restyling of the logo and the new brand kit have renewed the image of the brand, contributing to better engagement on social media and greater visibility of the various locations. ADV campaigns further increased interest and visits to restaurants.

Conclusion: GILBI's work. for O' Munaciello it demonstrates how a 360° digital marketing strategy, enriched by brand restyling, can significantly improve a brand's online presence, increasing its visibility and customer engagement. This integrated approach has had a substantial impact on O' Munaciello's success across different markets.

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