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The GILBI Showcase Website. represents the quintessence of digital innovation for companies that aspire to stand out in the online market. Created to impress at first glance, this website is a perfect amalgam of refined aesthetics and unmatched functionality. With an intuitive interface and attractive design, it attracts and engages the visitor, elevating the user experience to new levels. Each element is meticulously designed to enhance your brand and tell your company story in a unique way. GILBI. uses the latest technologies to ensure high performance and smooth navigation, ensuring that your site is not just a business card, but a real point of reference in your sector.

Welcome to the world of GILBI, where design meets digital innovation. Discover the future with us.

Your Business, Our Mission

Choose GILBI. for Your Showcase Website: Innovation and Professionalism

Choose GILBI. It means relying on an experienced and reliable partner to create a showcase website that not only looks great, but is also functional, optimized for search engines, and designed to convert visitors into customers.

Technological innovation

GILBI. uses the latest and most advanced web technologies, ensuring a modern, fast and compatible site with all devices.

Personalized Design

Each site is unique. GILBI. pays particular attention to design, creating aesthetically appealing sites in line with the brand's identity.

Support and Maintenance

GILBI. offers excellent post-launch support and maintenance plans, ensuring the site remains updated and secure over time.

SEO optimization

GILBI. ensures that the site is optimized for search engines, improving online visibility and attracting more qualified traffic.

Training and Consulting

GILBI provides essential consultancy and training on SEO, digital marketing and conversion optimization to supercharge your site.

Intuitive User Interface

Usability is a priority. GILBI. Create sites with intuitive, easy-to-navigate interfaces, improving the user experience.

Scalable Solutions

Whether it's a small showcase site or a more complex project, GILBI. provides scalable solutions that can grow with your business.

Safety and Reliability

GILBI. ensures a protected and reliable website, with advanced security protocols for safe browsing.

Analysis and Reporting

With GILBI., you get detailed reports on site performance, essential for targeted strategies and optimizations.

High Quality Websites

The websites created by GILBI. they are high quality because they combine innovative design, cutting-edge technologies and an emphasis on safety and usability. Each site is designed with a unique, custom aesthetic, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Additionally, built-in SEO optimization improves online visibility, while advanced security measures protect against digital threats. With GILBI., quality is not just an objective, it is a promise.

Innovation. Creativity. Results.

Complete Website: Your Showcase in the Digital World

Sale price$1,984.00 USD

Tax excluded.

Imagine an expansive digital showcase for your business, where every detail shines with personalized style. This is the "Complete Website", an online universe created especially for you. Up to eight pages of pure digital elegance, each woven with a unique design that tells your story. With a modern twist, it integrates a chat system to instantly connect with your audience. Visibility is ensured with intuitive SEO, making your site stand out on Google. Three graphic review sessions allow you to hone every detail to perfection. Included in the package, you will find domain, hosting and a large 50GB email. And for three months, technical support via email will be your faithful ally, ready to ensure that every pixel is exactly where it needs to be.

What it includes:

– Website up to 8 pages
– Custom graphic development
– Chat system or direct messaging
Easy SEO : Indexing on Google and other search engines
– 3 graphic revisions of the site
– Domain + Hosting + Email 50GB (First year included then 59 + VAT per year)
– Support included 3 months (Via email)*

* Valid for technical support only, no changes or updates to the site are included.

Additional services


SEO Pro by GILBI. enhances online visibility by attracting contacts and customers through search engine optimization. It offers SEO-friendly URLs, XML sitemap plugins, caching management, code minification, semantic tags, microdata for Google, optimized titles, SEO copywriting and ALT attributes for images.

Support and Training

GILBI's Support and Training service. is a hands-on Shopify/WordPress course, perfect for beginners and non-programmers. Learn to manage your site yourself, with clear instructions and ongoing support. Ideal for acquiring essential digital skills and optimizing your online presence.

Domain + Hosting

GILBI's Domain + Hosting service. offers qualitative and versatile hosting, ideal for corporate websites. Includes web space, domain, secure and fast servers, and a Content Delivery Network for optimal performance. GILBI. provides several configurable options to suit various tasks.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

GILBI's Privacy and Cookie Policy service. ensures your website complies with privacy regulations. It provides customized policies, cookie management and ongoing assistance to ensure online transparency and security. Ideal for protecting user data and complying with current laws.


GILBI's Multilingual service. makes your site accessible globally. It offers accurate translations, support for multiple languages, and intuitive navigation, broadening your international reach and improving user experience. Ideal for a diverse audience.

Accessibility Certification

The GILBI Accessibility Certification service. ensures that your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. It provides analysis, regulatory adjustments and certification, ensuring compliance and inclusiveness. Ideal for a universal user experience.

A Selection of Additional Services to Complete Your Digital Experience


From advanced website security to specialized copywriting services to innovative SEO solutions, these add-ons have been selected to provide you with all the options you might need to take your online business to the next level. Browse our selection and discover how each add-on can integrate seamlessly with your existing strategy, giving you new opportunities for digital growth and success.

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