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Welcome to our digital family! GILBI. it's not just a name in the world of digital marketing; it is a promise of quality, innovation and partnership. Our story begins with a group of digital enthusiasts, united by a common vision to create extraordinary digital solutions that fuel the growth and success of our customers. Each member of our team is not only an expert in their field, but also an innovator and visionary, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital.

At GILBI., we are committed to building lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. Our mission is to be not just service providers, but true partners in our customers' digital journey. We offer customized solutions, from e-commerce to digital marketing strategy, ensuring that each solution is not only effective, but also as unique as your company.

Join us on this exciting journey and discover how we can transform your digital business together. GILBI. it is more than a service; is your strategic ally in the digital world.

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Who we are

GILBI. is a digital marketing company with offices in Italy and the United States, born in Miami from the intuition of Giuseppe Gilberti , an entrepreneur specialized in the field of digital marketing and customer service.

Our mission is to support small and medium-sized businesses in their
growth path on the web and social media, helping them create a solid and effective online presence for their brand. We characterize ourselves as a dynamic and professional company, where customer care represents an absolute priority. We invite you to discover the quality of our services and the competitive prices we offer.

From the United States to Europe

A global presence

GILBI. has a solid and strategic presence in the United States, serving clients in several key cities such as Miami, New York and Los Angeles. This presence allows us to better understand local dynamics and the specific needs of companies operating in these markets.


Located in the beating heart of Miami, the GILBI office. in the United States it is a hub of creativity and innovation. In this vibrant city, known for its rich culture and entrepreneurial spirit, our office reflects the energy and dynamism of its surroundings. Featuring modern, technologically advanced spaces, the Miami office is a place where bold ideas take shape and where our team of experts work to develop cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Here, the fusion of different cultures and perspectives fuels our creativity, allowing us to offer innovative solutions to our customers across North America.

GILBI. Italy

The European office of GILBI. is located in the historic and picturesque city of Bergamo, Italy. Immersed in a landscape where architectural beauty meets modernity, our office in Bergamo is a true oasis of inspiration. Combining Italian charm with a professional and innovative approach, this office is the beating heart of our operations in Europe. The spaces are designed to stimulate collaboration and creativity, allowing our team of experts to provide exceptional digital services with a touch of Italian elegance. This office is not just a workplace, but an environment where tradition and innovation come together to create unique and effective digital strategies.

We actively support companies in their digitalization journey, helping them to compete online with companies correctly and effectively. Our experience and expertise in the American market allow us to offer tailor-made solutions that respond to the particular challenges of this context, allowing Italian businesses to establish themselves and thrive in the global digital landscape.

Meet the Professionals Who Bring Your Digital Ideas to Life

Our Team: The Heart of GILBI.

The GILBI team. it is a collection of extraordinary talents, each expert in their own field. We are a family of digital marketing professionals, designers, developers and content strategists who work in synergy to bring innovation and concrete results. Each member of our team is dedicated to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each client, offering customized, high-quality solutions. At GILBI., we believe that teamwork is the key to success and we are proud to introduce the group of passionate and motivated people who make our mission possible.

Giuseppe Gilberti

Founder & CEO

Michel Dimitri

Web Expert

Stefania Guadalupe

Marketing Specialist US Market

Federica Bacciani

Marketing Specialist

Anna De Vecchi

Marketing Specialist

Carla Sofia Lima Ripanti

Spain & Latin American Business Developer

Francesca Moroni

Business Developer

Alessandro Foglia

Business Developer

Yuliya T.

Graphic Designer

Luca Colonna

Photographer & Video Maker

Andrea Traietti


+25 Collaborators

Digital Transformations, Results Realized

GILBI Case Study. Digital Success Stories

GILBI Case Studies. they are more than just stories; they are examples of how vision and innovation can transform the digital landscape of companies. Let yourself be inspired by these success stories and find out how we can help your company reach new digital horizons too.

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Case StudyCase Study: Brosway Conquistare il Mercato USA con Strategia Digitale e SEO Innovativa

Case Study: Brosway Conquering the US Market with Digital Strategy and Innovative SEO

Client: Brosway, a prestigious internationally known jewelry and fashion accessories brand. Challenge: Expanding Brosway's presence in the US market, a highly competitive and diverse territory...

Case StudyCase Study: Naeli Naturals - Un Salto Evolutivo nel E-commerce Eco-Chic

Case Study: Naeli Naturals - An Evolutionary Leap in Eco-Chic E-commerce

Client: Naeli Naturals, an innovative natural cosmetics brand, known for its dedication to eco-sustainability and quality. Challenge: Naeli Naturals approached GILBI. for a restyling of their ...

Case StudyCase Study: O' Munaciello Strategie Digitali per una Crescita Internazionale nel Food & Beverage

Case Study: O' Munaciello Digital Strategies for International Growth in Food & Beverage

Client: O' Munaciello, a renowned Italian restaurant chain with locations in Italy and the United States, known for its authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. Challenge: O' Munaci...

Innovation, Creativity and Strategy: Your Online Success Starts Here

Digital Evolution: Transform Your Online Presence

In a technology-driven era, GILBI. is your strategic partner to excel in the digital landscape. With an offering that includes Shopify e-commerce solutions, dynamic showcase websites and 360° digital marketing strategies, we are dedicated to transforming your every aspiration into a tangible digital reality. Our expertise translates into tailor-made solutions that not only reflect your brand uniqueness, but catapult you directly to the heart of your target audience. Join us on the journey to digital innovation, where every click opens the door to infinite possibilities.

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