Logo Image Pack, Business Card and Letterhead

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The GILBI "Image Pack" is the ideal solution for establishing or renewing the visual identity of your company. This package includes the creation of a distinctive logo with 2 initial proposals and 2 updates on the selected proposal, ensuring a result that perfectly captures the spirit of your brand. You'll also receive custom designs for your business cards and letterhead, both provided as self-editable PDF templates, allowing you to easily update your business details. Trust us to give a professional face to your brand with a coordinated and refined image.

Key points:

Logo Design: 2 creative proposals with the possibility of 2 revisions to refine the chosen design.

Customizable Business Card: Editable PDF template for quick and independent updates.

Customizable Letterhead: PDF template for a letterhead that reflects the image of your brand.

Visual Cohesion: A coordinated and professional image for all corporate communication materials.

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