Shopify Training Pack - 4 hours of Shopify training

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GILBI's "Shopify Training Pack" is designed to give you complete mastery of the Shopify e-commerce platform in just 4 hours of intensive training, available exclusively online. This training package will walk you through all the key features of Shopify, allowing you to run your store with confidence and efficiency. Ideal for both beginners and intermediate experience users, our training will provide you with the essential skills to optimize your online business and maximize sales.

Key points:

4 Hours of Intensive Training: A concentrated training course to quickly learn how to use Shopify.

Comprehensive Training: Covers all key aspects of Shopify, from product catalog management to shopping cart setup.

Remote Availability: Ease and flexibility of participating in training remotely, adapting to your needs.

Cost per Extra Hour: Possibility to extend the training to 49 euros + VAT for each additional hour, for personalized learning.

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