Editorial Plan and Calendar: let's see the differences

Piano e Calendario Editoriale: vediamo le differenze

Editorial Plan vs Editorial Calendar

We've all heard of them at least once, but do we really know what they are?

And, above all, do we really know their difference?

Very often, we tend to equate these two concepts, believing that they are the same thing and that it is therefore possible to use only one of the two in your social strategy. But is it really like that?

In this short article we will delve deeper into this topic to try to clarify any doubts.


Let's begin!

What is the Editorial Plan?

The Editorial Plan, or PED, is nothing more than a sort of map, or scheme, which helps us put all the characteristics of our brand on paper and clarify the fundamental aspects to share with the target.

In simpler words , the PED is a document with which we define all the strategies useful for achieving the set objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about the topic, on you can find a dedicated blog post right here !

What does an Editorial Plan contain?

  • In-depth analysis of the Brand : in PED it is essential to thoroughly study the Brand that we want to make public; therefore it is necessary to define the history, values, vision and set objectives, which must be very specific and measurable.
  • Target and Tone of Voice : Another aspect to consider is researching the target audience, along with the most suitable Tone of Voice to use.
  • The contents : after having studied the Brand Identity, it is time to understand which contents and topics are best suited to our business and the needs of the target audience. Then define which posts to share, in what format and how often.
  • Competitors : never underestimate the competition, it always comes in handy when you need to understand which aspects are appreciated by customers and which are better to avoid.
  • Finally… the Editorial Calendar.

What is the Editorial Calendar?

As already mentioned, the Calendar is also present within the Editorial Plan.

But so…what is it about?

The Editorial Calendar is a real calendar, therefore divided into months and days, in which we group all the ideas previously examined.

Simply put, here we will specify in detail each type of post we wish to share; therefore on which social network to share it, on which day to publish it, the most suitable format, the topic to be discussed, the text to write and the hashtags to insert.

In what is the difference between the two?

At this point I would say that the answer to this question is more than obvious.

But, we can summarize everything by stating that the Editorial Plan is the document with which to establish the topics and contents to be shared, based on a well-studied Brand Identity.

The Editorial Calendar is instead the physical and organized representation of the topics included in the Plan.

Both are very effective marketing tools in the social media field and one cannot exclude the other.

Thanks to them, we can manage our pages with much more ease and precision, planning every single post and avoiding running out of ideas and not knowing what to publish.

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