Copywriting, the important thing is to excite.

Copywriting, l’importante è emozionare.

The work of the copywriter, although often considered only as the last and least important piece of communication, is actually a fundamental part of the message that one wants to convey (where by message we mean what we want to communicate, which is almost always a purchase convincing effort made towards the customer or possible such).

The power of words, in fact, is not measurable.

Think about your everyday life: spoken and written words influence the actions of each of us. With the "right" phrase you can convince people to do something, while the "wrong" one has the power to ruin your day, for example.

And why is this? Because words have the power to excite and the emotion to move.

But let's start from the beginning.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the activity of writing advertising texts, within the broader marketing sector (whether online or offline), with the aim of attracting and capturing the attention of the company's target audience in order to obtain a sale or generate a lead .

Anyone who writes such texts is called a copywriter.

The results that are intended to be achieved through advertising materials can be multiple, but these are always strictly linked to triggering a concrete action on the part of the user, first and foremost the purchase.

Those who deal with copywriting, therefore, must be able, through the use of the right written words, to persuade the customer or user to take an action: buy or even respond to a call to action aimed at a possible future sale, through the acquisition of a lead or, even better, a prospect.

A copywriter is therefore a craftsman of words who must move someone to do something.

Why is it important to excite with Copywriting?

The word “emotion” comes from the Latin verb “emovere”, which means to remove, carry out, shake. Emotion is therefore something that shakes us from our usual state, that makes us move, that moves us .

Human beings are a collection of perceptions, emotions, feelings and thoughts. All these elements form our way of being and acting in the world.

Our mind is amazing and very skilled at guiding our behavior. Thanks to the mind, we carry out all rational thought processes, but it too is influenced by incredibly powerful forces: emotions.

We can therefore say that we are made of reason and emotion.

Two forces that sometimes push us in the same direction, but which other times collide and force us to make a decision. And most of the research that has studied the decision-making process assures that, in general, emotions win .

This is because reason occupies a higher level in the scale of processing subjective experiences. So we need more experience, more time and a greater degree of skill to build rational motivations, which does not occur with emotions.

Emotions, therefore , can be transcendental or have a very significant weight in the decisions we make. Indeed, we could say that, in general, they are decisive .

This is why it is important to excite in copywriting.

Because by exciting those who are reading we can shake them and move them to do something. The emotions we create with words push people to do what we want: therefore, in the end, to buy.

You need to create the right emotion.

If you want to achieve the results you set yourself with your website, an advertising campaign or a newsletter, you now know that you have to excite your users and customers .

And to excite them you must first get to know them .

Knowing who you are talking to is essential: study your buyer persona , understand who they are, how old they are, what job they do, what their fears, doubts, desires and dreams are. To then reassure him or show him how to fulfill them.

You also need to understand which stage of the sales funnel they are in : a person who has already purchased from you, for example, will not have the same feelings as someone who has not yet taken that step.

After having thoroughly studied who you are talking to with that particular message (and at what point in the funnel they are), identify with them.

And at that point you will be able to study the best phrases and find the "right words" to create the most useful and correct emotion in people to achieve your goal .

The important thing is therefore to excite in Copywriting: have I convinced you?

Wondering how to have emotional copywriting?

With the right copywriter.

If you are looking for someone ready to thoroughly analyze your company, understand its values, study the people you want to speak to - and sell to - and capable of transforming all this work into the "right words" that create the emotions that move your customers purchase of your products… is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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