Valuable content: how to create it and why.

Contenuti di valore: come crearli e perché.

Today, online but not only, we are increasingly inundated with content. It is clear. And someone is already starting to sow the first seeds of doubt that these are often just, quoting Mina, ...

"Words words words

Words words words

Words words words

Words words words

Words words words

Just words..."

The right words, however, those that create emotion, as I explained previously here , can make the difference.

However, it is not enough to know how to excite.

With the rise of content marketing (a marketing technique aimed at creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clear and defined target audience, with the aim of guiding customers towards a profitable action for the company ) , in fact, it is increasingly clear that it is necessary to have valuable content.

But what is valuable content?

Valuable content is text that aims to engage, attract attention and respond to a reader's need.

They serve to encourage conversion and encourage the creation of a lasting relationship with your niche of reference readers, who thus transform, over time, into customers or potential buyers.

You must therefore understand what your follower (who constantly reads you) wants, what their needs are and what answers they might need.

Study it, get to know it, create a relationship with it.

And then give him the answers he's looking for!

These answers are your valuable contents , which are then of value to your customer and possibly so.

How is valuable content created?

Even once you understand your customers' needs and what answers you need to give them, writing valuable content is not easy .

However, there are some basic characteristics that every piece of content must necessarily have to be considered valuable.

  • It must be free and public : one of its objectives is to attract users and turn them into customers. You therefore need a good SEO strategy and timely query research to help make your site well positioned on Google and therefore more accessible to a large number of people. People who may find your content valuable.
  • It must be original : yours and yours alone.
  • It must be true : everything you write must correspond to reality. Lying is useless, on the contrary, and today with all the information always available to us and everywhere, lies have even shorter legs than in the past. So only write what you know and if you use sources, make sure they are authoritative and verified (thus also increasing the positive perception your followers have of your company).
  • It must be easy to read, but written using the rules of the Italian language : follow syntax, grammar and spelling, but make it linguistically accessible and understandable and ensure that it has pleasant and easy formatting.
  • It must be useful : having to respond to the reader's needs, valuable content must first of all be useful for those who read it. Tell and explain something that helps inform or involves. And that pushes them to share it (it must therefore also be easy to share), so that your followers bring you other followers (good old "word of mouth", even if online, has always been the best marketing tool).

Why is it useful to create valuable content?

It is useful to create valuable contents because these allow you to improve the perception of your brand, reach more users, but above all they are the basis of a winning SEO strategy both on the web and on social media .

In fact, valuable content should be the driving force of an SEO strategy, web marketing and your social media strategy.

Furthermore, contextual targeting will increasingly become the best option of the future for all online consumers. In fact, Google wants to gradually eliminate third-party cookies and prevent individual tracking.

This is because Google wants to meet consumers' growing privacy expectations, and since brands will soon lose access to cookie-based behavioral targeting, contextual targeting will become the best option.

Creating valuable content is fundamental and will become increasingly so over time: have I convinced you?

Are you wondering how to have valuable content that you can offer to your followers?

With the knowledge and the right copywriter.

If you are looking for someone who is able to create the valuable content you need for your company and for your customers or potential customers, contact us. is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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