Keywords: what they are and why they are fundamental


Do you know when you type a word, or a phrase, into Google and countless results consistent with your request automatically appear before your eyes?

Well, this is the power of Keywords , or more commonly called Keywords .

A keyword is the set of one or more words that act as a link between the user's query on a search engine and the related results .

I'll explain.

In simpler words, it is a Keyword that coincides with a search made by a person on Google to find information on a given topic or to satisfy a personal need.

Different types of keywords

Going deeper into the topic, we can discuss numerous and different types of Keywords but, at the moment, we limit ourselves to distinguishing the two main macro-categories:

  • Broad Keywords
  • LongTail Keyword

Broad Keywords, or generic Keywords, are composed of a word (or a short phrase) with a purely vague and generic meaning . Such as ''women's t-shirt'', ''men's shoes'' etc.

LongTail Keywords are characterized by 4 or more words with a more precise and specific meaning. Such as ''women's t-shirt for the office'', ''men's shoes for running'' etc.

While the former have a large search volume and at the same time enjoy great competition, the latter are less competitive and less sought after.

Both categories are therefore useful and efficient, you just need to use them in the right way.

Why are they essential?

Keywords should not be underestimated, as they play a very important role from an SEO perspective.

Let's take a practical example to understand better:

I want to buy a white t-shirt. I go to Google and type in a LongTail Keyword ''White short sleeve t-shirt''. I see results relevant to my search, click on an online clothing store, and take action. In this case, the shop in question did a good job of indexing and, thanks to the previous Keyword, managed to complete a sale.

Here we immediately realize how extremely effective it is to do a good job in drawing up the list of keywords to adopt.

It is thanks to them that we can achieve our marketing objectives and appear among the top positions in Google search results .

Furthermore, another point to add to the set of advantages of Keywords is their relevance . What do I mean? Keywords are the basis of the content of your site and, as such, allow Google to guarantee relevant and consistent results with the query typed by a user. By entering incorrect keywords, Google will not be able to guarantee excellent work and the people who land on our page will realize that they are not in the right place, greatly increasing the Bounce Rate of the website.

Keywords are therefore useful because they help our potential customers (and search engines) understand the context of our page and their contents .

Therefore, it is clear that a correct approach to keywords is able to guarantee optimal business results.

If you need more information, is at your disposal and will help you find the right solution for you and your site.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you!

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