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Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Reputation: what they are, differences and why they are important.

Brand Identity, Brand Image e Brand Reputation: cosa sono, differenze e perché sono importanti.

If your goal is to promote products, services and increase the awareness of your brand and therefore sell - and it certainly is - then you must know and be able to manage your company's Brand Identity, its Brand Image and its Brand Reputation.

You will certainly have already heard the three terms relating to the marketing strategies to be adopted to increase your company's sales and therefore turnover.

But what do they mean?

Literally translated they mean “brand identity”, “brand image” and “brand reputation” . Three things that just from the names you can understand how fundamental they are for a company.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is the way in which a company wants to be perceived by its audience and defines the unique and communicative traits of a brand.

It therefore refers to the image that the company, shop or private individual wants to propose to their public .

This is a conscious choice , developed following careful market analyzes and which is the result of strategic decisions by the company.

A choice that then dictates the company's communication guidelines , aimed at hitting and winning over both consumers and collaborators inside or outside the company.

What constitutes the identity are all the graphic and visual aspects:

- the brand

- the logo

- colors

- the typography

- the tone of voice

- the graphic style

- the website

- advertising content

- that which contains the evocation of values

- and how you want to convey the objectives.

Obviously it doesn't mean that it is perceived as you would like . This is why we need to make sure of this through the Brand Image .

What is Brand Image?

Brand Image is the way in which the consumer actually perceives the brand in question.

In fact, we often find a gap between wanting to take a particular path (Identity) and its actual realization.

We cannot completely control the way we are perceived by the public, but we can study our Brand Image to intervene in the strategic phase and make all the necessary corrections to make it better and to bring it as close as possible to our Brand Identity.

Quality, value and reliability reach customers precisely through the Brand Image . In this sense the image is able to arouse positive sensations and emotions and influence users' choices.

In fact, being closely linked to the reactions of the public, it is governed by subjective perceptions. If well studied, therefore, it can bring out the qualities of the brand and its products.

What is Brand Reputation?

Brand Reputation is the consideration, more or less favorable, that the public gives to a brand , taking into account the unique characteristics of the brand and its ability to respond to customer needs.

It is achieved through interaction with the public. Because it is the direct consequence of the company's actions: and these cause, or not, a feeling of trust and appreciation in the public.

The true heart of corporate reputation is the behavior and approach of the brand itself . However, it is not just a question of style or content, but of broader general aspects, ranging from our corporate operations to the behavior of all the actors involved, both on the web and in the real world.

Being linked to human relationships and communication, reputation can easily be conveyed through word of mouth and with reference targets with similar interests.

The importance of Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Reputation.

In light of what was previously explained here, one can easily understand why Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Reputation are three fundamental elements for the success of the marketing strategies adopted by the company and therefore for the sale of its products.

It is therefore necessary to build a precise and well-conceived Brand Identity , with all the graphic and visual aspects linked to the brand that are well integrated with each other and give a unitary and unique idea of ​​the brand itself.

It is then necessary to study your Brand Image, to intervene when necessary and bring it as close as possible to your Brand Identity .

Only in this way can you have the desired Brand Reputation. A Brand Reputation that identifies the brand as unique and reliable, with quality products worth purchasing.

Finally, today, when we communicate both online and offline, it is good to remember to take care of the Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Reputation of your company in both communication worlds.

Do you want to develop and take care of the identity, image and reputation of your company as best as possible, thus improving its performance and increasing its turnover? is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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