What it is and how to build a community on Instagram

Cos’è e come costruire una Community su Instagram

How important are followers on Instagram? Much.

Are they the basis of online success? Not entirely.

Unlike what we usually think, having a social profile full of numerous followers is not everything.

Imagine having a profile with 20k followers and one with 200.

Then imagine that the first is made up of inactive people with whom you have no relationship, while the second is made up of active people who constantly interact with your content.

Which of the two is more effective?

Obviously the second.

Ergo: cold followers don't bring results .

This is because followers are not just numbers, but real people with different tastes and passions from each other.

Which is why it is extremely important to get in touch with them, interacting with them and making them feel part of a real community .

What is a Community on Instagram?

A Community has the same characteristics as a community, only online.

Simply put, it is a group of individuals who share common goals and interests, actively participating on social networks .

In this case, Instagram is the means through which you have the opportunity to dialogue and establish human relationships, thanks to interactions with posts.

But what is a Community for your business?

Clearly, being able to unite a group of people - large or small - with a common interest in what you have to offer is a great opportunity for your online presence.

In fact, retaining your audience is one of the best techniques to ensure that they interact with your posts spontaneously and become interested in your business.

This is why one of the main objectives when deciding to open an online business is to be able to create a successful community.

But how is it done?

Let's find out now!

How to build a successful community?

It's good to remember that there is no magic answer that will get you hot followers in a short time. Instagram needs consistency and its algorithm is more intricate than you think.

Fortunately, however, there are many strategies that, if implemented correctly, guarantee optimal results:

  • Make friends with your audience : Connecting with your target audience is the main step. This means getting to know them to understand what they like and what they want to see on our profile. How? Simple…
  • Using Instagram Stories : Instagram is a social network that offers everything and more to create solid relationships with its potential customers. Starting from Stories, with which we can propose polls, quizzes, questions, etc. to understand what followers really want.
  • Create dedicated posts : once we have understood the needs of the public, communicating with them and listening to their feedback, we must create engaging and above all targeted content. Then create and share posts that we know will help or please the target in question. Content is one of the fundamental keys to entering people's lives. Make the most of them!
  • Chat : responding to direct messages and comments under posts is a valid technique to make the public feel involved and part of a real community. Interact with them kindly.
  • Be unique : studying the competition is useful, but copying is definitely counterproductive. Create your own personal identity and make it unique. Your followers will thank you.
  • Be consistent : Just like in real life, creating an online community takes time and resources. Nothing comes from nothing. Be patient and be consistent. Only in this way will you achieve your results.

If you want to build an online community but don't know how, these are some tips you can use.

In any case, is here for you to help you create and manage your social media from scratch!

What are you waiting for? Request a free consultation . One of our Sales Specialists will guide you in choosing the right solution for you!

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