What is content strategy and why is it useful to create it.

Cosa è la content Strategy e perché è utile crearla.

Content is important, we know this well by now. We have already explained to you here (link to "Copywriting, the important thing is to excite") how the right words, those that create emotion, can make the difference.

But also that it is not enough to know how to excite and that with the rise of Content Marketing (a marketing technique aimed at creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and involve a clear and defined target audience, with the aim of driving customers towards a profitable action for the company), it is increasingly necessary to have valuable content (we have explained what valuable content is here (link to “Why and how to create valuable content”)) .

Content is therefore the basis of Content Marketing.

However, to do Content Marketing in the best way you also need to have a Content Strategy.

But what is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is often confused with Content Marketing, although it is perfectly distinguishable from the latter.

What are we talking about, then, when we talk about Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is a set of methodologies, practices and tools aimed at conceiving, creating and managing digital content, with concrete and measurable objectives with a view to a Content Marketing operation.

It is therefore what is upstream, it is the planning activity .

The content strategist does not deal with the production of content but turns his attention to planning it, not limiting himself to defining when it should be published but above all why it should be produced .

In fact, each piece of content must be a single brick useful for building your marketing palace.

Without precise planning, clear goals and measurable objectives to be achieved, the contents will be ineffective and self-referential.

“Content strategy deals with the planning aspects of content management throughout its life cycle. It includes the analysis phase, aligning content with business objectives, influencing its development, production, presentation, evaluation, measurement and archiving. What content strategy is not, however, is the content implementation phase. Practical development, management and dissemination of content are the tactical results of the strategy, what needs to be done for the strategy to be effective." (definition by Rahel Anne Bailie, content strategist, in an article on her blog dated 2009).

The Content Strategy essentially allows that what we publish is not content aimed at itself, which serves no purpose or anyone other than the self-glorification of those who produced it, but makes it effective for the development of the company .

Why is it useful to create a Content Strategy?

Content Marketing designed for your company can have different objectives: from lead generation, to building or consolidating brand reputation and brand awareness, up to the creation of a pool of potential buyers and customer loyalty.

But for a Content Marketing operation to be successful, it is necessary, as previously mentioned, to define the Content Strategy well.

It is therefore possible to understand how , through the construction of the Content Strategy, the objectives, the target, the topics and the formats that will be created are precisely defined . And consequently the fundamental importance of designing a Content Strategy.

Furthermore, the Content Strategy, as a starting point for the development of your Content Marketing, and the basis of all your other actions regarding content, will allow you to :

  • Achieve the set goals
  • Create your own valuable content
  • Organize and optimize your content
  • Maintain the correct tone of voice everywhere and on all occasions
  • Increase your brand awareness

How to make it?

To create a Content Strategy, you need a content strategist, that is, the person who defines it.

You must therefore identify your content strategist, who could be a figure within the company or an external professional who accompanies you in this work.

To then define your Content Strategy it will be necessary to start by defining the objectives you want to achieve . Study the KPIs, the target you want to address and therefore who your buyer personas are .

At this point the tone of voice to be used must be defined , which must be that of the company (if the company does not have one defined, it is necessary to identify and establish it).

We then trace the funnel in which to lead the users and the channels they want to use.

Finally , the contents and the available budget are established .

And then all the work is monitored constantly , to understand the results it brings and how we can intervene on the Content Strategy in order to improve it to achieve the set objectives.

Are you wondering how to have an ideal Content Strategy for your goals?

If you are looking for someone who can create yours and help you achieve your goals, contact us. is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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