buyer personas

Buyer Personas: what they are and how to create them

Buyer Personas: cosa sono e come crearle

Creating an effective marketing strategy is the goal of any digital entrepreneur.

We all know that, to make this happen, it is essential to put down on paper all the key information about our business, starting from the core values, following the mission, the vision, up to the target. And this is exactly where buyer personas come into play.

Don't know what it is?

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What are Buyer Personas?

The term Buyer Persona is used in marketing to recall the typical target of your company.

Simply put, these are representations and archetypes of fictitious customers who we imagine to be interested in our business.

The fundamental creation of these models is based on personal and demographic information (name, age, geographical location, work and family situation) and psychographic information (interests, needs, fears, goals).

But why do we need to create them?

As we have already mentioned previously, creating buyer personas is an essential step to guarantee a marketing strategy that is effective and valuable.

For what reason?

Writing down the characteristics of our ideal customers helps us keep in mind what their needs and requirements are .

In this way it will be easier to know how to satisfy their needs , how to communicate with them , how to manage sales and last, but not least, how to retain them and ensure that they remain with us over time.

By creating Buyer Personas right away we will be able to create valuable and personalized content , optimizing communication and improving products/services based on their needs.

It is precisely from here that we can orient our marketing decisions; we are talking, for example, about the creation of targeted content, but also about the structure of your website.

But how are buyer personas created?

Since Buyer Personas are an extremely important element, defining them is a job that requires commitment and concentration.

But where to start?

  • Analysis and research : first of all we must pay attention to the research and analysis of customers potentially interested in our business. It is useful to do interviews, surveys, research, questionnaires in order to obtain concrete answers directly from the main source. But it is also possible to obtain information from the analytics available on social media and on the website.
  • Action : once we have accumulated the clues, we need to take action and give life to our Buyer Personas. Choose a photo that identifies the typical customer, give him a name and an identity and then create a story in line with your business.

What data to enter?

Start by making an identikit of the buyer, entering name, age, work and family situation , social class and geographical position .

Then highlight hobbies, interests and goals , then continuing with fears, frustrations and needs to be satisfied.

Finally, don't underestimate the importance of online behavior , i.e. how much time you spend on social media and via which device.

Some questions that might make your job easier are:

  • What problems does x face?
  • How can our brand solve x's problems?
  • What features are you looking for in our service?
  • What impediments might x have in the purchasing process?
  • What does x's decision-making process look like before purchasing?
  • How can our brand make purchasing x easy and intuitive?
  • How can he prefer the competition to us?

Drawing up buyer personas is an activity that requires a lot of time and imagination, but which is capable of bringing notable results in terms of marketing.

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