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How to make an ad hoc editorial plan

Come fare un Piano Editoriale ad hoc

Managing a social page is not and should never be considered an obvious job.

Often, one of the mistakes that is made is to take this activity lightly and to think that ''just publish two photos here and there and that's it''. Well, if this is your way of thinking, you are completely off track.

But let's go in order.

Managing a social page, contrary to what you think, is a real job and, as such, requires order , precision and analysis .

But how do you organize it all?

Simple, by drawing up an ad hoc Editorial Plan !

How? We will see it in this short article, but first let's try to understand what an Editorial Plan is and the reason for its effectiveness.

What is an Editorial Plan?

When referring to an Editorial Plan, confusion often arises with the respective Editorial Calendar , as these are two elements that are generally different, but closely linked to each other.

The Editorial Plan is a useful document for establishing the topics and contents that will be published and shared with the target audience.

Through a Plan, therefore, we will create the image (social and otherwise) of an activity, deciding which contents to disseminate, depending on the established objectives, the buyer personas and the communication style of that brand.

And the Calendar?

The Editorial Calendar is nothing other than the physical and organized representation of the Plan ; in this case we therefore plan and define on which days to publish a certain content, at what time and in what format.

Both of these marketing techniques have the aim of organizing the strategy of a particular brand, structuring communication and putting ideas in black and white, so as not to create confusion.

But now let's go back to the heart of our article and see...

How to create an ad hoc plan

There is no real rule and even less is there a right and wrong Editorial Plan; the important thing is to be sure to carry out all these steps before delving into the social world of a brand:

  • Complete analysis : what do we mean by analysis? Well, everything that can be analyzed to create the foundations of our strategy. First of all, it is essential to analyze the competitors and their activity. You don't have to copy their strategies for anything in the world, but rather take note of their mistakes and avoid making them yourself. But, before judging others you need to look in the mirror. Also analyze your errors and, above all, try to understand what your community liked or didn't like.
  • Target and Tone of Voice : once we have done an in-depth analysis, it is time to study the audience to which our content will be intended. We therefore understand who is possibly interested in what we have to offer, we draw up the Buyer Personas and we try to clarify the Tone of Voice to use, therefore whether to use friendly and conversational communication or courteous and formal communication.
  • Mission, Vision and Objectives : well yes, without a clear objective printed in mind we don't go anywhere. We set clear and precise objectives and, above all, we transmit our Vision to the target audience, in order to make them participate in the mission.
  • Organize the contents : now that you have in mind what objectives to achieve and the audience to address, you can decide which contents to organize. This is because, by knowing the target, you also know their tastes and habits. In this way you will be able to understand which contents will be to your liking and how to prepare them, and then place them in a real Calendar.

Having reached the end, we can conclude by stating that drawing up an Editorial Plan is a task as tortuous as it is indispensable.

For this reason, it is therefore necessary to turn to professionals in the sector to ensure the growth and success of your business.

It is in these cases that can make the difference, helping you by providing a team you can turn to and rely on.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. is available for you!

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