Mobile Friendly Website: why is it essential?

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In recent years, the way users navigate online has totally changed.

Most people we know have a smartphone with which they can access digital services. In fact, already in October 2020, as much as 48.62% of web traffic began to come from mobile phones.

This means that, if searches are carried out mainly from mobile devices, it becomes essential to have a Mobile Friendly Website .

For what reason? Because it is more practical , faster and accessible !

But before delving into the reason for its relevance, let's try to understand what a Mobile Friendly Site is and how to make it so.

What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

If you have an online page you should know that Google will be more inclined to reward it only if it is Responsive and Mobile Friendly .

But what does it mean?

To be Mobile Friendly, a Site must provide an impeccable User Experience on a mobile format, just like it was on desktop .

Therefore it is necessary to optimize all content and information, making it readable and accessible even on a smaller screen, with smooth navigation and a clear structure.

And what makes our Site Responsive?

As we have already anticipated, mobile has far surpassed desktop. This indicates that every company, or startup, with an online presence must update itself and guarantee the accessibility of its site on any device.


I'll explain it to you right away:

  • The content and information within the page must be readable and optimized . So it is important to refine the characters, so that they are also decipherable on a smartphone.
  • Site layouts, images, and structure also need to be perfected for the screen .
  • Navigation must be simple, intuitive and unobtrusive .
  • Navigation must be quick . There's nothing worse than landing on a slow-loading site. Therefore, you need to make it as fast as possible.

So...why is it essential to have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Having reached the conclusions, the time has come to list 5 reasons why a site must be Responsive:

  • Smartphones are used more : one of the reasons why it is essential to have a Responsive Website is that, for years now, the majority of users have been using mobile devices. Therefore, if our site does not meet the previously anticipated requirements, when users access it, they will find a poorly optimized site and the abandonment rate will increase.
  • Google penalizes non-Mobile Friendly sites : if your site is not responsive, search engines will not hesitate to penalize its ranking. This will inevitably lead to a drop in traffic.
  • Reach people 24 hours a day : since we all constantly have our smartphone at hand, it will be easier to reach the target audience and at the right time.
  • Improves the company's image : if your page is accessible from any device, people will notice and appreciate this detail, synonymous with modernity and innovation.
  • Keep up with the times... and with the competition : remember that trends and technological innovations move forward. Stay ahead of the curve and beat the competition!

These are just some of the many reasons why making a site fully responsive is essential for your online presence.

If your website is not yet Mobile Friendly and you would like to make it so, please do not hesitate to contact us . is at your disposal!

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