What is the Dark Web? Is it really a dangerous place?

dark web

The Dark Web . We have all heard of it at least once, compared to the hidden part of the iceberg and identified as a macabre place impossible to visit.

But is it really like that? Is the Dark Web really an inaccessible and scary place?

Let's find out together!

What is the Dark Web?

The Internet is as vast as the world we live in and, just like the latter, we are not always aware of everything that takes part in it.

Returning to the example of the iceberg, the tip represents the entire part of the Internet that we can access easily, simply by typing a keyword in the search query. This is the visible part of the Web or, better, the Surface Web .

At the same time, the underlying part of our block of ice is none other than the renowned Dark Web .

So what is it about?

The Dark Web consists of a complex of secret websites, hidden and difficult to visit, precisely because they are not indexed by the usual search engines .

It was born approximately in 1999, when a university student from Edinburgh decided to create Freenet , a completely free and anonymous online platform.

It can be accessed only and exclusively via a special network: TOR , ( The Onion Router ), capable of preserving the privacy of users, in turn guaranteeing the anonymity of any movement. The main characteristic of the Dark Web, in fact, is censorship. Every action is not traceable.

However, the iceberg is not only formed by the Surface Web and the Dark Web, but also presents another intermediate fragment: the Deep Web .

And what is the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web?

Considering the Dark Web as analogous to the Deep Web is a mistake.

For what reason?

I'll explain it to you right away.

The Deep Web represents the part of the Internet that, yes, is hidden, but for purely legal purposes .

It consists of content that is not indexed by search engines, but which can be accessed through the use of specific links and browsers.

These contents are mostly encrypted files and documents, data belonging to law enforcement agencies , medical and scientific information , databases , etc.

Otherwise, the Dark Web is the even lower part of the iceberg. Here, the contents are voluntarily made inaccessible and err on the side of illegality.

In this case, we are talking about drugs , weapons , child pornography , illegal drugs , photos and videos of abuse , falsified documents and many other atrocities. it really a dangerous place?

We can't deny that the Dark Web is a place full of threats.

From drug trafficking, organ trading, pornographic material, paid hackers, to commissioning a professional killer, this dark part of the Internet is absolutely not a safe, legal, let alone correct place to browse.

The authorities are busy but, since the payment for all content takes place via Bitcoin , it is impossible to trace the movements of the criminals.

However, we can say that, even on the Dark Web, it is possible to find material that is not strictly illegal. But despite this, simply browsing these sites can be dangerous.

Especially for the less experienced, by visiting this side of the Web you can become a victim of scams , cyber attacks , viruses and much more.

Therefore, it is good to stay away from this world and hope that, one day, it can disappear completely.

If you have any doubts and want to know more about this topic, contact the team!

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