Why doing SEO is important for companies


If you are the owner of a company, or if you have just set foot in the vast world of online marketing, you will surely have come face to face with SEO , also widespread in its male version, SEO.

We have known for many years that spreading your presence on Google, or any other search engine, allows you to significantly increase its notoriety and visibility.

But how do you reach high levels and position yourself among the first results in SERP?

This is where SEO comes into the picture.

What is the reason for its such essential importance?

We will certainly see it within this blog, but first, let's try to give it a satisfactory definition.

What is SEO?

Imagine you are the owner of a cake shop in the central area of ​​Rome. What would happen if one of your ideal customers were to search for the query ''cake shop in central Rome'' and got a result that did not correspond to your business?

Good for your competitor who has been able to make the most of SEO.

For what reason?

Because SEO consists of a set of techniques and strategies for optimizing a website aimed at improving its positioning in the organic (therefore not paid) results of search engines .

In fact, SEO is the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization .

In summary, by making the best use of the various SEO techniques, it is possible to guarantee our website, or e-commerce, or blog, an optimal position in the SERP.

Now that we have understood the meaning of this potential tool, let's analyze the benefits it brings to your online business.

Why do SEO

Implementing SEO techniques within a website allows you to obtain satisfactory results in a very short time.

Naturally, there are many reasons that push us to do SEO, but we will try to summarize them in 8 very short points:

  • Search engines are used by everyone : according to recent statistics, approximately 3.5 billion searches are carried out on Google every day and as many as 31.7% of people tend to click on the first result. This means that appearing first in search engines will ensure that the majority of customers will choose you.
  • Increase in traffic : by owning a website optimized from an SEO perspective, you will have the opportunity to obtain more visibility and consequently greater organic traffic.
  • Increase in conversions : it is consequential that the expansion of the online audience will lead to an increase in purchases and at the same time in turnover.
  • More authority for your brand : with a web presence you are able to demonstrate to others how reliable and authoritative your business is, through the use of valuable content.
  • Consistent and long-lasting results : It is important not to underestimate the nature of the successes achieved thanks to SEO. It leads to long-term and continuous results, unlike SEM (paid campaigns) which brings traffic instantly, but ephemerally.
  • Reach your potential customers : thanks to the right functions, you will be able to optimize your website in such a way as to attract customers who are truly interested in what you have to offer.
  • Local SEO : what is it? It is nothing more than optimizing a site for local search results. This way, people who are in the area and search for your business can see it on the first page.
  • Fight the competition : and there is little to add here. If you come first, the customer will choose you.

And what are the techniques for optimizing a website?

We can conclude by saying that doing SEO is essential !

But how is it done? Or rather, what are the factors that Google observes and analyzes before placing our site on the first page?

Let's make a premise: no one, or rather, no one except Google knows the algorithm that inhabits it.

But all we know are techniques to make the Crawler that lives inside Google remember us and increase our online ranking.

A key feature that all websites should have is an impeccable User Experience . Considering that a good percentage of visitors tend to abandon the website less than 3 seconds after arriving, it is logical that we need to make their online experience better than ever. This means that the site must be fast in loading , navigable , intuitive and above all Mobile-Friendly , therefore also accessible on smartphones.

Subsequently, we must also give weight to keyword research . The keywords used mainly within the site must not be chosen at random, but must be studied so that they are consistent with the context. Furthermore, they will be the ones to reward our positioning in SERP, as people will type these very formulas into the query.

Last but not least, the Links ! Link building is often overlooked by most online entrepreneurs, but they are more useful than ever.

The links can be either internal, therefore connecting one page of our site to another, or external ( Backlink ), therefore referring to other pages. It is logical that, if we manage to take care of this aspect and obtain numerous backlinks from other authoritative pages, ours will appear in the front row.

These are just some of the measures to take into consideration.

SEO is a very broad and complex subject as is its usefulness.

Therefore it is always good to contact experts in the sector to avoid causing chaos and to ensure optimal results. offers this service just for you!

If you are interested, ask one of our consultants for help!

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