Why Micro Influencers are Better than a Famous Influencer, and How They Can Help Your Business.

Perché i Micro influencer sono meglio di un influencer famoso, e come possono aiutare il tuo business.

Influencer marketing is a well-established method for promoting brands, products and services. In fact, more and more companies are including influencers within their marketing strategy and, conversely but also because of this, influencers have also multiplied dramatically. There are all types and all "sizes", but is it always necessary to aim for a famous one? Or is it better to aim to involve the micros?

Having said that not all influencers are suitable for every company and that therefore every brand will have to find the one best suited to its needs, how to choose the right one?

Is a macro or micro influencer better? What is the difference between the two?

As already mentioned, in recent years the phenomenon of influencer marketing - that set of activities and strategies based on the collaboration between a brand and a testimonial (the influencer), with the latter who, in exchange for monetary compensation, free products or other forms of remuneration, offers visibility on social networks to the company and its products or services – has become increasingly popular.

At the same time, the figure of the influencer - in addition to increasing in number considerably - has acquired prestige and credibility .

In today's endless sea of ​​influencers, choosing the right person to entrust with the promotion of your brand and/or product therefore becomes complicated.

You might think that, to identify the right influencer, you should look at the number of followers. But are we sure that “more followers” ​​means better results for your brand?

Macro-influencers are social media celebrities.

These are very well-known people with a very large following (over 100,000 followers) and, consequently, an equally large audience.

Involving a macro-influencer for your company can undoubtedly have positive implications in terms of visibility and brand awareness, but it also has negative aspects.

High costs: macro-influencers generally have an average high cost, which varies based on the popularity of the character.

Trust: macro-influencers struggle to gain the trust of the public, who question the credibility of a product sponsored by a famous person and base the purchase decision on other, more reliable sources.

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are ordinary (or almost) ordinary people.

They could be your friends or neighbor. They have a smaller number of followers, which is between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, and a very high level of engagement.

Having a smaller following, in fact, micro-influencers are able to establish more personal relationships with their audience , who feel more involved and are more inclined to support both the influencer and the products he promotes .

What are the advantages of working with a micro-influencer?

Lower costs: the investment is accessible to most companies. Furthermore, if the budget allows it and the strategy recommends it, it is also possible to collaborate with multiple micro-influencers at the same time, reaching a wider audience and thus multiplying business opportunities.

Authenticity: it is their real strong point. Consumers (millennials first and foremost, those who have requested the migration of marketing towards the involvement of influencers) want to establish authentic relationships on social media, which is why micro-influencers are the perfect intermediary between a brand and its audience.

Like a friend: The contents of micro influencers may have a "do it yourself" appearance, but precisely for this reason they are more real and closer to people's daily lives. The product is therefore "humanized", brought into daily life. This gives it a real image that creates a direct link between followers and the company. Micro-influencers are a bit like the old "word of mouth" and by personally recommending products they generate trust towards the company in a natural and above all efficient way. Followers take their suggestions very seriously because they see the person as a friend-like character.

Specific target: the following of a micro-influencer is small and extremely profiled. This allows the company to interact directly with the target audience - so it will be important to choose the micro-influencer with the target in line with your needs - and to do so on a much more personal level than other communication channels.

For all these reasons, therefore, it is not surprising that micro influencer marketing is proving to be one of the most efficient strategies for attracting, connecting and retaining the target audience.


If you're looking for an effective method to increase engagement, conversions and brand awareness, without spending a fortune, try involving a micro-influencer in your marketing strategy.

But be careful, the choice must not be random. Choosing the right influencer is essential to achieve the right results. And, on the other hand, choosing the wrong micro-influencer can have significant negative effects, both from the point of view of wasted money and because it can negatively affect the reputation of your brand.

The advice, therefore, is to always rely on a professional who knows how to point you in the right direction, towards the right influencer.

Are you the owner of a company and want to choose the right micro-influencer to contact to involve him in your marketing strategy? is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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