Hosting for the company website: what are the advantages

Hosting per il sito aziendale: quali sono i vantaggi

If you are thinking about a site for your company, you are probably interested in learning more about the advantages that a professional hosting service can give you. Let's see why having your own paid web space can make the difference for your business website compared to a free solution.

Why buy a hosting service for your business site?

A quality hosting service designed for a company site and capable of satisfying certain requirements in terms of speed, reliability and security can significantly improve the performance of your customers' browsing experience. This is one of the reasons that can push you to choose a professional paid service, that is, being able to rely on a hosting capable of guaranteeing high-level performance.

A product that is offered to the public at no cost must necessarily limit the offer and this can translate into a service that is unsuitable for hosting a site that requires, for example, a lot of space and a lot of speed.

The offer of providers is notable online. With a simple search you will find various offers with the most varied characteristics. Some offer a lot of space, others speed, updates or security.

Why have your own domain

The hosting service for a company website is an important choice that requires evaluating different and varied offers from providers all over the world. If you decide to opt for a free solution, you will most likely not be able to have a dedicated domain. Your web address will be unprofessional and difficult to remember. A good domain, carefully chosen, can encourage visits and ignoring its importance could be a counterproductive choice for the company. It is also an aesthetic choice, because a .com or .it domain can convey a more captivating image to the customer. The choice is large and we have the possibility to use many domain extensions, closely connected, for example, to specific professional sectors.

Your professional email inbox

Often the purchase of a hosting service coincides with the need to have one or more email accounts. Many providers offer packages that include one or more mailboxes. In this way you will have professional email addresses available with your domain: a preferable choice for any company that by relying on free email services would not be able to convey a feeling of professionalism to the potential customer.

Secure and fast server for your site

Among the most important things to consider when choosing a hosting service for a company site are the performance of the server, which must be competitive, and the security offered by it. Your site speed is something you cannot overlook, just as you cannot take security lightly. Therefore, choose a provider capable of providing a service that keeps your site safe from risks, always online and fast. Too slow loading could discourage many users. An unsafe and outdated site, in addition to providing poor performance, puts the company itself at risk.

It is therefore better to invest a larger amount, but guarantee your site high-level speed and security which will encourage visits and the permanence of old and new customers on the site.

Content Delivery Network and the speed of your site

When talking about performance, you need to pay attention to the content delivery network known as Content Delivery Network or simply CDN. It seems like something complex but the concept is quite simple.

It is a network of servers positioned in different areas capable of speeding up access to contents, making them available in an area closer to the user. Thanks to the use of the caching process, copies of the data are stored to ensure faster access to web content.

The advantage for your site is the security of always being online and always fast regardless of the user's location. A global speed that will favor the presence of an international audience on your site.

Which hosting service should you choose for your business website? is able to offer a qualitative and versatile hosting service. Web space and domain are only the basis of the service and is included in the packages dedicated to websites. servers are secure, fast and always updated. Thanks to the Content Delivery Network, site performance is always optimal. The customer can navigate in a safe, fast and beautiful environment.

Do you know that the server is owned by We have physical access to our server which is located in Bergamo. Discover the offers dedicated to websites on and choose the option that best suits your business. All offers can include various extras and you can choose the configuration you prefer for your new site.

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