What the metaverse is and why it will change everything

Cos’è il metaverso e perché cambierà tutto

The metaverse is growing and will soon involve everyone. But what is it and why will it change our lives? Will virtual reality integrate with real reality? Will artificial intelligence be the brains behind businesses and services? And the blockchain?

Let's take a look at the futuristic present of the metaverse to understand its evolution and have a vision of the future.

What is the metaverse?

Defining it precisely is a rather complicated undertaking. It is in fact an expanding and constantly changing entity. This process got a boost after Mark Zuckerberg made his interest public, investing in this very universe with his company now renamed Meta Platforms, Inc.

The metaverse is a virtual universe where users can access for entertainment or to take advantage of specific services. Put this way, it might seem like something modest or limited to the online experience of nerds and enthusiasts. In reality it could impact practically the entire population and in almost all areas, from social life to work.

Those who are investing a lot of resources seem to be sure that it will be a real revolution in the habits of online users , who will communicate, purchase and have fun in ways never seen before.

Where are we at?

Right now, most experts point to video games as a starting point. In fact, they represent a perfect environment for the development of the metaverse as they encourage experiencing immersion in virtual universes and interacting through communities spread across the world. The metaverse has, in fact, also attracted the attention of Epic Games which is investing large resources.

Metaverse and artificial intelligence

In a context like the one we are facing, a decisive role will be played by artificial intelligence . She will manage many of the activities. From rules for interacting in social contexts to transactions within the metaverse itself, artificial intelligence will always be present.

Extended reality

The metaverse can offer a virtual experience that integrates physical reality. This will result in an overlap between the physical and virtual worlds. The consequences and implications of this are unthinkable. Today the most popular access device is represented by virtual reality viewers, but in the coming years we will be able to see new devices for accessing the metaverse in ever new ways.

The metaverse and the blockchain:

Blockchain , synonymous with decentralization, promises to give users more control rather than favoring large organizations. This context also includes NFTs , which are already used to sell various types of content. In fact, they also find their place in specific contexts such as those linked to smart contracts and forms of decentralized finance.

Where will the metaverse take us?

The future that lies ahead requires the metaverse present in the world of entertainment and communication. A future that will involve many of our daily habits. The metaverse will be present in relationships and in the way we communicate . It will integrate with social networks bringing the experience to a new level of immersion. It will enter the entertainment , communications and finance industries.

The metaverse and companies

The metaverse is certainly also intended as a place to sell services and products . There are certainly companies that are already thinking of all this as a great opportunity. It could also become increasingly present in working environments. Transforming the current daily interactions that keep us in touch via chat, email and telephone.

The metaverse and the economic question

The focus is rightly on the economic opportunities that the metaverse will bring. The world of e-commerce is already ready for a change that welcomes a new dimension. The birth of new ways of selling services and products is a given. The metaverse itself will bring new digital products that we cannot now imagine.

Adequate connectivity

We will certainly need to count on structures capable of offering a high-level virtual experience. The creation of immersive worlds requires a technological effort that guarantees adequate performance for the user. This is not an aspect to be ignored or of secondary importance. The experience depends on the reliability of communications and the performance of the devices used.

Waiting for the metaverse

While waiting to see the great changes that this new virtual reality will introduce, we can start thinking about ourselves or our company in terms of this new imminent universe. What opportunities will it bring to those who intend to start a business in the metaverse? is already thinking about it. Why don't you contact us and we'll talk about it?

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