How to create and promote your company blog

Come si crea e come promuovere il tuo blog aziendale

In the previous article (link to Company blog: why it is important to have it) of our blog we understood what a company blog is and why it is important to have it.

But how do you create a company blog? And how is it promoted?

How to create a company blog.

Creating a blog that lasts over time and allows you to achieve the business objectives you have set yourself is not a simple thing and must be studied well.

First of all , the blog must be included in a multi-channel strategy .

The decision to implement a corporate blog must in fact be taken during the initial development of the business plan, since a blog is not a tool that must be taken as a standalone, but must be integrated with an SEO and marketing strategy that takes into consideration different channels, such as email marketing and social media marketing.

Then the first practical step is to develop the editorial plan of the blog itself.

You must therefore define an interesting editorial plan that is consistent with your objectives.

Topics, cuts and dates must be chosen consistently and must also be able to intercept the trending topics of the moment, in order to increase the visibility of your contents.

It is also important to diversify the types of content you create.

So don't just create articles, but change format and content.

You can use infographics; news; tutorials; case studies; interviews. And, again, sector research and studies; quizzes and checklists. And so on.

To write content that positions itself and achieves success, two things are enough: knowing how to write well; know the topic well.

Then have a colleague or employee who is good with words write your blog pieces. Who better than an industry expert to talk about that topic?

Or alternatively find an expert copywriter and develop your own corporate editorial team .

Finally, don't be self-referential .

Nobody wants to read markette, anywhere.

In fact, the more you try to sell something to your blog readers, the more you will push them away.

Your content should be useful and valuable, not transactional. Try to write what your users want to read and produce interesting content.

In fact, the blog is not a space for sales, but for information, relationships and dialogue.

How to promote your business blog.

Writing valuable and interesting content is not enough.

The distribution phase is also fundamental, i.e. the set of activities necessary to make your content reach as many readers as possible.

This is why you need a multi-channel strategy, through which you can expand the sharing of your articles. And it's important to have a well-developed content marketing campaign.

1 – Promote your blog on search engines.

The first action to do to promote a blog is to optimize its positioning on search engines .

Identify the keywords for which you want to compete and once you have chosen your identity and tone of voice, write SEO-optimized articles.

The editorial plan, which organizes what to say and at what times, will certainly help you.

2 – Promote your blog through social sharing.

You can't help but think about sharing on social media.

Social channels are in fact now very powerful tools for giving visibility to content: however, you must choose the right platforms and immediately know which functions you can exploit for your company and your audience .

Furthermore, if you add the share button on each article or page , your readers can be the first to promote your content on their social pages, increasing your visibility towards their friends or fans.

3 – Connect with other bloggers.

Identify the best blogs in your niche, follow them, comment and start interacting with them.

Promoting a blog is also a relationship job and to generate traffic you must interest the respective niches.

In the same way, you can make a direct request to other bloggers, compiling a list of the most authoritative on the topics you deal with, to ask via email to publish your article or link to it in one of their posts.

4 – Increase visibility with guest posts.

It involves inviting a blogger, or an authoritative person in your sector, to intervene on your blog with the primary aim of increasing mutual visibility, but not only.

This activity will also help you have greater quantity and variety of content.

5 – Promote your blog through the mailing list.

One of the main sources of traffic for a blog is email.

This is why to promote a blog it is necessary to build a mailing list, so that each time a newsletter is sent to your subscribers, a peak in traffic is recorded.

The use of email is in fact a very powerful means of generating traffic as it takes advantage of a contact base that is built over time and continuously increases. In fact, users rarely unsubscribe from the mailing list if it is powered by valuable content.

Therefore, counting on a fixed and growing database of readers is the best tool for constant contact.

Are you looking for someone who can create your company's blog and its contents and promote it in the right places to your ideal audience so you can get the results you want? Contact us. is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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