Corporate blog: why it is important to have it

Blog aziendale: perchΓ© Γ¨ importante averlo

Everyone is talking about digital content now. And when defining a marketing strategy you certainly cannot avoid understanding how to create valuable content. Is critical. Just as it is essential to have a company blog.

But what is a company blog and why is it important to have it?

What is a corporate blog.

The company blog is a website, or a section of it, where you can publish articles like in an online diary, which have the ultimate objective of promoting your products, services, and your company.

The blog is an online space where you can share content that can also be sorted from most recent to oldest.

The topics that are covered have to do both with the company's products and services, but also with what revolves around them.

The company blog can therefore be opened by a company of any type and size : a dental practice can deal with topics related to dental hygiene and orthodontics as well as talk about new dental braces. A pizzeria, in its company blog, can give space to recipes, talk about the products it uses, recommend dishes and so on.

This tool is fully part of the concept of inbound marketing and allows the company to be found without imposing an advertising message .

The blog does not interrupt the use of the content. Indeed, with the company blog you allow your brand to intercept the needs and requests of your potential online customers .

When choosing the contents and editorial plan of your company blog, therefore, it is important not to lose sight of the reason why the company blog is opened, how this fits into a content marketing strategy and who are the people you are targeting when writing content.

The importance of a company blog.

Why is it important to create a company blog? Or rather, what advantages are obtained by creating it, what does it bring to the company?

The reasons are different:

1 - The company blog describes the company in an original and direct way.

If sending a press release is something you do when you have news, in fact, on the blog you can decide instead to talk about your company whenever you feel like it and with the slant you want .

The blog is in fact part of owned media, i.e. the so-called proprietary means of communication in which you can be autonomous and decide how to proceed, without waiting for someone to talk about you.

2 - Work on brand awareness and positioning.

The company blog helps build your brand awareness and make people more aware of what you do and how you do it .

Content written in detail and that responds to a specific search intent can help a lot in making yourself known and positioning yourself in the mind of the potential consumer.

Being found by the right users thanks to excellent organic positioning on search engines is the result of SEO activities.

3 – Attract new leads, i.e. potential customers.

Blogging helps attract leads , i.e. people who may be potentially interested in your product or service but who don't actually know you.

The blog increases the chances of meeting new audiences and helps you to be found through search engines which, as we know, are the first tool people entrust their doubts and questions to.

4 – Loyalty those who are already customers.

Without forgetting those who are already customers.

Let's say people have bought any product from you and want to know if there is an updated version of it, or how to best use it.

In the company blog they will find useful information, tutorials, guides, preview news and perhaps even promotions dedicated to them. As well as material to download, various initiatives and much more.

Writing quality content will help you show how competent your company is in the sector and constantly updated.

5 – Do link building.

Another objective of the company blog is to do link building, i.e. work from an SEO perspective to build your authority in the eyes of Google .

Only thanks to the articles of a company blog can you think of having incoming links from other sites or company blogs that suggest an article you have written on a certain topic or the story of a case history.

Link building is an important part of marketing strategies and it is even more so when the link - which is an indication that another site makes towards yours inviting them to follow you - is obtained in a natural way.

6 – Do customer care.

The blog, then, can be an excellent tool for customer care and customer retention.

In fact, it is possible to create content that answers the most frequent questions of users (the FAQ), or collect in various articles the doubts that emerged during a phone call or email to customer care and create content that is found on search engines.

7 – Influence of the decision-making process.

When it comes to online purchases, the presence of authoritative blogs through which the user can extrapolate precise and honest information guarantees that they will gain their trust, through which it is possible to lead them to make a conversion.

Every day more, in fact, prospects who are undecided about purchasing try, before concluding the sale and selecting the e-commerce from which to purchase, to obtain as much information as possible, through reading blog posts and case histories through which you can see the actual quality and effectiveness of the article as well as the reviews and testimonials .

The task of your articles is therefore, among others, to positively influence the decision-making processes of prospects.

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