Why is an ADV marketing campaign important?

Perché una campagna marketing ADV è importante?

Have you started an online business and want to broaden your circle of contacts?
Is your business not getting enough conversions and you would like to increase revenue?

Nowadays, any kind of business has countless ways to make its voice heard. We start with simple word of mouth on the streets and continue by consolidating a real online presence. However, this is often not enough and it is essential to implement a specific strategy to meet business needs.

What am I talking about?

I am referring to the importance of a Marketing Campaign.
But before knowing the reasons for its usefulness, let's understand together what it is.

What is a marketing campaign?

The word ''campaign'' indicates a set of messages and announcements organized and connected to each other, aimed at communicating the same idea and achieving a specific objective.

This information is transmitted via communication media, both traditional and digital, and ensures stable support for all types of businesses.

In fact, through targeted strategies, it is possible to achieve the goals a company needs, such as increasing brand awareness, reaching its target, increasing sales of a product or service and also improving its visibility on social.

So what is it specifically?

In simpler words, we can summarize everything by stating that a Marketing Campaign is the means that allows a company to connect and reach the target audience and increase personal brand reputation.

All this is only possible thanks to the production of a well-studied marketing plan, which is structured based on the phase in which the product/service is in its life cycle, with the aim of revitalizing it.

To carry out this plan, various elements and characteristics that distinguish one advertising campaign from another must be taken into consideration.

We talk about different campaigns based on:

▪ To the product life cycle

▪ To the vehicles and equipment that are used

▪ To the chosen payment methods

In any case, the important thing is to always have in mind the target audience, the objective to be achieved and remain consistent with them.

Without initiating advertising help, it will be difficult to achieve the set objectives using only one's online presence.

But how do you create a marketing campaign?

When you decide to create an advertising campaign, you cannot set everything in motion without first having in mind where you want to reach and above all in what way and with what means.

For this reason it is necessary to design the advertising plan before getting involved.

Let's see what steps to take into consideration during planning:

• Identify the objectives: in this case, the word objective coincides with the word strategy. In fact, it is impossible to achieve your goals without implementing a clear strategy and, vice versa, it is impossible to implement a strategy without having the final goals in mind.

For example, a company may need to boost its brand awareness, increase sales, advertise a future product or event, increase customer engagement and trust, etc.

• Define the target: it is a group of people with characteristics in common who express the idea of ​​a company's potential customer.

Choosing a target audience is essential, as you need to understand who to target that advertising campaign for it to be successful.

Do you want the advertising to be reflected on a completely new audience or on an audience that is already loyal?

• Understand positioning: we need to clearly define where we want our advertising to land.

You can choose whether to focus on traditional means of communication, such as radio, television, billboards, or whether to opt for new media or digital media, such as Google, Social media, chat, email.

The best choice would be to prefer both.

• Draw up a budget: it is not advisable not to have the amount to be invested under control. It's as if you organized a dinner with friends and ordered dessert, forgetting that you didn't have enough money in your pocket. It is essential to immediately clarify how much budget you have available and make the most of it.

• Track and monitor the results: once the campaign has been started it is important not to forget about it and monitor all the data and results obtained at the end.

These are just some of the factors to consider, but obviously it is always preferable to turn to experts in the sector to obtain optimal results.

Ask the GILBI.CO team for a consultation to create a marketing plan completely tailored to you!

Google and social media: which medium is the most effective?

As we have already reported previously, it is important to understand well which platform to use for our advertising, since each one is different and reserves contrasting strategies.

In fact, if we choose to use Google, we need to know that advertising is based on Keyword Research.

This means that advertisers bet on different keywords, trying to be first in SERP positioning. Therefore the sponsorship appears only if correlated and consistent with the research carried out by a subject.

On the contrary, this practice does not exist on Social Media, but advertising interrupts the user's feed without considering the search intent.

At the same time, social media are not all the same and have different features.

No means is better than the other, you just need to understand well what you want to achieve and which tool to use to be successful.

At this point, are you curious to know why Marketing Campaigns are so important?

Read on to learn more!

Let's find out why it is essential to create a marketing campaign

We have understood the meaning of campaign and how to create it, but why is it so recommended?

Making your product or service known is one of the answers.

Thanks to good promotion, a company has the opportunity to spread its strength to as many people as possible. By exploiting the power of advertising you will be able to make your target audience understand that you have something exciting and unmissable to offer, building a strong reputation and obtaining greater interest and trust from those who follow you.

Furthermore, it is also important to define the brand identity. Going back to the previous point, by spreading your product and service, you will be able to demonstrate to the public the strength of your brand, demonstrating its identity, its values ​​and its mission and vision.

A further opportunity is the expansion of the contact network; by advertising your brand and the message you want to spread, you will have the opportunity to reach specific segments of the public, gaining their trust.

Last but not least, generating conversions. By sponsoring your business, spreading your value and retaining your desired customers you will undoubtedly achieve an increase in revenue and profit development.

A very common mistake is to see the advertising campaign only as a way to increase the number of purchases and think solely in terms of turnover.

This is legitimate. How many CEOs have this milestone for their business? Obviously everyone!

But focusing only on this goal does not bring any results. It's the whole thing that makes the difference. Only after reaching a loyal audience and a good reputation will you be able to aim for conversions.

Don't worry, with time and the right mindset you will be able to achieve the best results!

If you are interested in the topic, contact a GILBI.CO consultant.

We are always available!

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