Why a website is relevant for a small and medium-sized business

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Have you ever wondered why creating a website is essential to boost your business activity?

Many years have passed since the internet entered our lives and its presence has completely changed our habits.

In fact, if as many as 73% of the Italian population loves to spend their days with a smartphone in hand, it is still necessary to accommodate their desires and indulge their habits.

I'll explain.

Most people of any age usually consult Google as their main source of information, thus becoming the most reliable means of satisfying their needs and resolving any doubts.

It's automatic to think that, if we own a pastry shop and a customer wants more clarification on which cake to buy, but can't find our profile on the web, they could shift their attention to another rival shop.

This is definitely an obvious incentive to create a website.

Haven't I managed to convince you yet?

Read on to learn more!

7 fundamental reasons why to have a website

Conquering an online presence is not a luxury or something inaccessible, but rather it is a tool with which to fully achieve the objectives a company needs.

But what are the advantages of a website?

I'll explain it to you straight away in 7 short points:

  • Improve visibility : Do you want your store to reach more people and be recognized beyond your current location?

By establishing an online presence, you will be able to satisfy this need and have the opportunity to be noticed more everywhere.

That's right!

The Internet can spread your content internationally. Additionally, users spend a lot of time on search engines and securing a place on the first page will ensure a boost in your popularity.

  • Reputation and credibility : imagine you want to buy a pair of shoes in a certain store and, when you search for it on Google, you don't get any results.

How would you react?

Surely you would wonder if this point of sale really exists and if it can be trusted.

In most cases you would end up abandoning the purchasing decision in the blink of an eye.

Creating a website ensures the credibility of a business and improves its reputation. This is why it is essential to have one.

  • You are always reachable : that's right, online you can be available all day and every day.

This way you can show your availability and be of service to anyone who wishes to get in touch with your business.

Never forget to integrate your phone number, email and social media links so you can be contacted more easily.

  • Communicate your style : a website is like a digital business card.

With this means you have the opportunity to disseminate the brand identity of your company.

Then you will be able to communicate the mission and values ​​that stimulate the realization of your goals. Plus, you can come up with a completely personalized style that will make your uniqueness stand out among everyone else.

  • Constantly increasing customers and communities : having an online presence means exploiting search, that is, observing people who search for businesses like yours on the web.

It is consequential that, by being continuously visible and reachable online, users have the opportunity to get closer to your world and become interested in what you have to offer. It's just a matter of communication and participation.

Thanks to the advantages that a website offers, you will be able to establish human connections with customers, building their loyalty and thus integrating them into a valuable community.

Additionally, a site can offer you additional information about potential customers, such as what they are looking for and how to satisfy their requests.

This is an advantage that will allow your circle of buyers to expand.

  • Conversions just a click away : a customer cannot consider himself a customer if he does not purchase the products or services made available.

Online selling is a practical and fast functionality, which reserves many tools capable of facilitating the process.

For example, on your site you are able to monitor every movement a visitor makes, so you can understand their intent and move through their funnel.

Furthermore, you can create newsletters and send promotions or discount codes to customers to retain them and encourage them to purchase.

  • Keep up with the times and fight the competition : obviously the digital world has its pros and cons; just as we can place ourselves in the front row, at the same time we must counteract many other adversaries who try to take over our position.

Despite this, however, online you have the opportunity to study the market and the choices of competitors, in order to analyze their mistakes and take advantage of their oversights.

The important thing is to always keep up with the times and use the resources of your own baggage, strongly avoiding plagiarizing the rivalry.

Website and social media: unity is strength

At this point we have fully understood why a small and medium-sized business needs a website to achieve company goals.

Despite this, we very often ask ourselves whether managing a website or managing a social media is more convenient.

Let's start by saying that, nowadays, the advantages that social channels can offer are as many as those of a web page, starting from visibility up to sales.

However, this does not mean that one is better than the other; in fact, they are two completely different tools with contrasting functions.

On the one hand we have technology capable of instantly sharing multimedia content to capture the attention of the target audience; on the other hand there is a tool that must be strengthened and optimized over time, with a much more complex development technology behind it.

The answer to the previous question is therefore: both !

There is no more advantageous means than the other, on the contrary, a website allows you to create action and direct interaction with the various social platforms , in order to create a complete and coherent online presence at three hundred and sixty degrees.

It is the union of these two solutions that allows us to fully satisfy the needs of the customer and those of a company.

Remember, however, that professionalism is everything.

Creating a website is a process that requires a lot of expertise, in fact it is necessary to turn to experts in the sector to make sure you do a good job!

Are you the owner of a small and medium-sized business and want to update yourself with a website? is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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