Customer loyalty: what it is and why it is necessary

Fidelizzazione del cliente: cos'è e perché è necessaria

A customer landed on your site, looked at your products, placed them in the cart and took action by purchasing them.

The game is done? Not exactly.

Many companies believe that once they have reached the conversion goal, therefore once they have sold a product or service, they have reached the end of the funnel.

In reality, we are forgetting a piece that is as fundamental as it is indispensable: customer loyalty .

What is loyalty and why is it important?

Loyalizing a customer is a bit like making them a friend. It means establishing a strong relationship with it, based on trust and reciprocity .

In this way, once a customer has decided to purchase from our brand, they will return to visit us again and again.

It is well known that acquiring new customers costs 7 times more than managing an existing customer . Furthermore, a loyal buyer spends approximately 30% more, making it profitable for our company. He will also be more likely to recommend us to his friends, both through word of mouth and via social media.

This is why this part of the funnel is extremely important and necessary if you want to increase annual revenue , improve your brand and ensure excellent Customer Satisfaction .

But how is it possible to relate to the customers available?

Let's see it together!

How does customer loyalty happen?

As we have previously anticipated, Customer Loyalty is a step of fundamental importance and, as such, requires commitment and the desire to get involved.

Here are some tips you can put into practice if you are a beginner:

  • Give importance to customers: buyers are the main focus of our business and, therefore, it is a good idea to constantly court them and make them participate in the story of your brand. Treat them just like you would a friend. First of all, remember their birthday!
  • Make them involved: you need to create a relationship between the customer and the company. Therefore it is useful to take advantage of all those activities aimed at stimulating and involving the customer (such as the creation of personalized experiences).
  • Be consistent: consistency first. Don't promise something if you know you can't follow through. To gain a customer's trust you need to be the first to earn it and offer them more and more value.
  • Put the customer first: to ensure that a buyer comes back to us, it is important to know what they think of our business. As? Asking for his opinion. At the end of a purchase, offer them a questionnaire to complete. Receiving feedback is useful to understand what is going well and what should be implemented or improved.
  • Give the customer a reason to stay: Use some loyalty strategies to make sure the customer doesn't shop elsewhere. Some examples? Points collection cards are an excellent strategy, as are coupons and discount codes, free shipping and returns and so on. If a customer feels privileged, they will certainly want to return.

A tool that can certainly help us in the task of loyalty is Email Marketing , through which we can activate and encourage a dialogue with the customer. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can find a dedicated blog right here .


These were just some of the strategies useful for customer loyalty.

Remember that any business, large or small, can have loyal buyers. Be yourself and you will have nothing to fear.

Don't know where to start?

Don't worry! is here to help you create the ideal loyalty strategy for your brand.

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