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Who is the Social Media Manager and why is it important? Let's talk about it with Alessio Barbarino Social Expert of GILBI.CO.

Chi è il Social Media Manager e perché è importante? Parliamone con Alessio Barbarino Social Expert di GILBI.CO.

With the world of social media now a true extension of the real world - and in some cases even replacing it - and with digital becoming increasingly popular in every corner of the world, being online and being on these platforms for companies it is truly essential today.

But being there is not enough. How you are present online and on social media also matters a lot.

Furthermore, the online world is moving faster and faster and platforms are multiplying rapidly. First Facebook , then Instagram and then gradually Twitter , Pinterest , Tik Tok , Linkedin . Today the pages to follow to be everywhere - even if truly being everywhere is practically impossible - are many and all different from each other.

So it has become necessary for a company to have a figure who takes care of all its social media and who does it in the best possible way in order to be able to benefit from it (make itself known, increase its audience, sign new customers).

This figure is the Social Media Manager.

Let's find out more about who the Social Media Manager is, what he does and why it is important by talking about it with Alessio Barbarino, Social Expert of GILBI.CO .

Who is Alessio Barbarino?

Alessio Barbarino, 39 years old, is from Bergamo with one foot always on the plane.

«I have been in the digital field for 20 years now – explains Alessio –, I mainly deal with graphics and social media, as a creator of digital content. I have been collaborating with for about 6 months even though Giuseppe and I have known each other for many years as we were also colleagues at the Apple Store in Bergamo. I work mainly with clients from all over Italy, including the islands, but I also have clients abroad, for example in Miami and the UK".

Who is the Social Media Manager?

«I like to define my role as "the person who manages the social page" , a creator of digital content, with texts, photos and videos».

«We are in the midst of the digital explosion and now everything we know is transmitted via the main means of communication and social networks».

Being on social media therefore , as mentioned, is essential .

«The image counts today (unfortunately) almost more than the content itself, but it is essential to know how to provide the right combination between perceived quality and real quality».

Never lie: showing what you really do is always the best path and one that pays off in the end.

«It is important to have a good profile today because the credibility of the brand or person is at stake. More and more, in fact, people choose based on their first impression and many times they aren't wrong."

A first impression that is almost always made on social media today. In fact, when we hear the name of a company, a restaurant or a person for the first time, we all search for it immediately, and as the first option, on social media. And we are also disappointed if we don't find it there.

«Usually, from experience, those who take great care of their social networks, as well as their image (graphics, logos, videos), also take care of their business in the same way, be it the quality of the food in a restaurant, or the clothes of a shop, up to the seriousness of a doctor in the medical field".

What does a Social Media Manager do?

«My role as a social expert consists of thinking about the type of post to publish, deciding on the image and content, organizing a programming calendar, creating and managing and monitoring advertising campaigns (ADV) and managing those that can be requests or new contacts."

Every action designed for each social network must be included in an overall vision of the company's communication, in a digital strategy , and carried out by a competent person.

A true social media and ADV expert.

This applies to every activity, even those that include a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

The social media manager cannot therefore be someone improvised, but a professional is needed.

The image we give of ourselves to the outside world is too important to entrust the task of creating our "friendship".

The advice is therefore to rely on a professional or an agency that has within it all the figures necessary to manage your social pages, including a social media manager.

It's true, relying on those who manage professional social media will have a cost: it's not free.

But on the other hand you will have a professional result, which will really allow you to achieve important results online.

Are you looking for someone to manage your social media and allow you to achieve results online? is at your disposal. Ask one of our consultants for help!

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