Case Success Story

Case Success Story: why Zenoni e Colombi chose GILBI.CO and how GILBI.CO helped the company.

Case Success Story: perché Zenoni e Colombi ha scelto GILBI.CO e come GILBI.CO ha aiutato l’azienda.

Companies often find themselves having to change agency for the most diverse reasons - dissatisfaction with the work done, costs that are too high, little availability and long waiting times, different visions of the future of their collaboration.

If you run a company, you may have been looking for an agency to best communicate your business .

And we bet that finding it right for you wasn't easy.

If you succeeded, well, you're in luck. In the sea of ​​daily offers, full of broken promises, identifying which agency is right for you can be a challenge . Not all of us are suited to being together , this applies in love and also at work.

This is why today we want to tell you about one of our collaborations that works - the one with Zenoni and Colombi -, to make you understand who we are, how we work and therefore make you understand - in case you are looking for a communication agency for your company - whether we are suitable for you or not.

Who is Zenoni and Colombi?

Zenoni e Colombi is a linen and home fabrics company based in Nembro , in Val Seriana.

The parents, Adriano Zenoni and his wife Emanuela Colombi, who founded the company 40 years ago, have now been succeeded by their 4 children: Lorenzo and Raffaele, since 2017, and who were also joined in 2018 and 2019 by Mariagrazia and Federico.

Why did Zenoni e Colombi choose GILBI.CO?

Lorenzo Zenoni explains it to us directly.

«In recent months, we needed to change agency. What I was looking for, however, was not a simple communication and marketing agency, prepared and trained and able to satisfy all our needs.

In addition to all this - which is certainly fundamental when choosing an agency - I was first and foremost looking for someone young and fresh, dynamic, competitive on price but above all someone who put their face to it and who, in case of need, would respond immediately, without put me off for days or weeks. Someone who would also help me grow in other non-European markets."

So Lorenzo was looking for someone who could communicate his company and its products in the best possible way and with quality, who cost the right amount and who put him and his company at the centre .

And these are precisely the three key elements of GILBI.CO's work philosophy .

“Today your business must go through the web. We will give you what you need to do it best and we will accompany you along the entire journey" , we write on the home page of our site.


GILBI.CO's offer stands out from the offers that crowd a market that aims for identical and ineffective solutions.

Keep an eye on costs.

You can choose between a customizable one-time fee solution that includes everything and a convenient monthly fee option that allows you to enter the digital world with a minimal initial investment.

Your brand at its best.

Our web solutions are designed for your company and your customers. We define together with you the objective to be achieved and the strategy to do it in the best way.

Basically: for your online presence, we'll take care of everything!

«When I found GILBI.CO – Lorenzo continues – and saw that it was an Italian-American agency, I thought it was exactly what I was looking for. I first met an agency representative here in my company, then I made a couple of online calls with Giuseppe, we understood each other immediately and I trusted him. So we started working together."

What did GILBI.CO do for Zenoni and Colombi?

In these first months of collaboration our agency has created the new Zenoni and Colombi website .

The site can be visited here (link to ).

The platform used for the company's new website is Shopify .

Agile and fast, it also allows you to have an e-commerce that is easy for the customer to understand and use. Thus making everything simpler: for us, for our client and for their customers.

All the SEO copy of the website was also rewritten.

We also offered our consultancy to help the company understand how to move overseas and into foreign markets .

All within the times requested by Zenoni and Colombi.

How did Zenoni and Colombi find themselves working with GILBI.CO?

The word always goes to Lorenzo.

«The experience of working with GILBI.CO so far I can say has been positive. Things have been done - and we like them -, the critical issues that arose during the work - which can happen - have been resolved, even quickly, and so for now everything has gone well. Then obviously there is always something to improve, as in all works.

Giuseppe, on those few occasions when something needed to be sorted out, took charge of the situation and solved the problem. And he did it quickly. There is a human and direct relationship.

Then Giuseppe also helped us by giving us advice regarding other activities that can be done, both at the website level, but also more structured: addressing the issue of expanding into the United States he gave us practical and concrete advice on how to move, not only on the social activities that would be best to do.

And this makes the difference for us.

GILBI.CO is truly open to the world and truly follows you.

As I said, I was looking for a communications and marketing agency prepared, trained and able to satisfy all our needs. But also someone young and fresh, dynamic, competitive on price, who put his face to it and who would respond immediately if needed. And in GILBI.CO and Giuseppe I found all this."

If you run a company and are looking for an agency to best communicate your business , this, but not only, is what we can do for you. (and here you can discover everything we do, link to ).

Contact us and find out if GILBI.CO is right for you. is at your disposal.

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